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Real Pets

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With you anywhere you go :)

With the use of our unique technology, we bring real interactive animals to mobile phones all over the world!

Real Pets by Fruwee
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Real Pets is a feature-rich application that brings real animals to your mobile phone.

Your goal is to take care of and collect real dog breeds:

Border Collie, Shiba Inu...

Take good care of your new pet and uncover memories and stories with secret tips of your new furry friend :)

You can do all sorts of fun things you would do with a real-life pet:

- interact with your pet: belly poke, head poke, rub your pet's belly
- feed and hydrate your pet
- take your pet for a walk
- talk with your pet: tell him that you love him, ask him questions
- give your pet snacks - Because "snack is life" ;)
- buy your pet new toys and treats
- take care of your pet's health and hygiene
- play fun games with your pet
- take your pet on a walk
- read fun facts about your pet
- take a picture of your pet and share it with your friends

As you are reading we are expanding our Pet Collection, so stay  put and check out, because maybe the next available pet is your dream come true!



About us

We are a group of young entrepreneurs that were brought together by our love for coding and most of all our love for animals.

With a great Idea and a substantial amount of experience, we have come up with a heart-warming application that we hope will bring positive...

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