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Something small and Xtra cute is coming up soon ;)

We are working on expanding our library every day. So stay tuned!


We all know Border Collies are smart, obedient and family friendly.

Ice - the main star of Real Pets truly is a heart warming dog that is allways there for you to listen and comfort you in times most needed.

Tip: Ice really likes snacks, REALY LIKES THEM...

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu, probably one of the internets most famous breeds. Shibby is the given name of this very honorus dog. With a trademark Shiba smile this trully is a companion that will make your day!

Tip: Shibby doesn't like getting orders...


Border Collie

Blue merle


British Shorthair kitten

Introducing Cassy, our sprightly British Shorthair kitten, a bundle of joy wrapped in plush blue-grey fur.

Known for her charmingly round eyes and mischievous antics, this playful feline promises to add a vibrant splash of fun to your day!

Tip: Cassy is always up to something! Try keeping up! 🐱

📣 PAWs up if you're ready to bring more Real Pets into our gaming world! 🐾
Let's hear a resounding MEOW or WOOF! Drop us a line and tell us which furry friend you'd love to see next in Real Pets.
Your wish might just become our next reality!
Let's grow our pet paradise together! 💖🐶🐱

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