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Something small and Xtra cute is coming up soon ;)

We are working on expanding our library every day. So stay tuned!

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu, probably one of the internets most famous breeds. Shibby is the given name of this very honorus dog. With a trademark Shiba smile this trully is a companion that will make your day!

Tip: Shibby doesn't like getting orders...


Border Collie

Blue merle

We all know Border Collies are smart, obedient and family friendly.

Ice - the main star of Real Pets truly is a heart warming dog that is allways there for you to listen and comfort you in times most needed.

Tip: Ice really likes snacks, REALY LIKES THEM...


Small and Xtra cute?

Hmm...What do we have here?

A cute kitten? Time will tell :)

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