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Fruwee is a small startup team that was brought together by sharing the same passion.

The majority of the team being dog owners ourselves we took our love and experience to create Real Pets.


While making Real Pets we give the comfort of our Real Pets stars in the first place. 


Everything is done in a playful manner and that means the process takes a lot of time as we need about a month to get organic footage of the dog's reactions.

(some reactions are done in post-production just like Hollywood movies special effects)


We never force reactions from dogs everything is carefully achieved with predefined scenarios as we want the actual reactions to be cute and fun!


If the dogs were treated badly we would never be a part of that and the whole application would be the opposite of what it is right now.


Making an application like this and while being independent takes a lot of money and risk but as soon as we start making a profit we want to make big steps to support non-profit organizations that take care of abandoned animals.

One of our missions is to show the players what responsibilities come with owning a real pet and at the same time, we hope the player will also get the comforting feeling and joy of owning a real pet.


With your help, we can achieve our goals and make a difference.



Please spread our message and if you have any other concerns please let us know we will gladly answer every question.



Fruwee Team



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