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Real Pets: an Interactive game with real-life dogs.
A mobile game where you take care of, collect and get to know actual real-life dogs!



Fruwee, an indie game development company from Slovenia, recently released a free to play mobile game Real Pets.

There's a lot of games out there, so what is so special about this one?

Well for starters they managed to capture a real-life dog and make an interactive pet react to onscreen touches and voice commands/reactions.

Interaction between you and your new pet brings the feeling of owning a real-life pet.

And just like in real life you must take responsibility towards your new fluffy friend, highlighted as »Daily Activities« (food, hygiene, health, playtime…) 

[FULL LIST: Talk to your pet, Feed your pet, Fill the water bowl, Fleas and tick - health check, Clean teeth, Petting, Play with your pet, Wash your pet, Give your pet a snack, Read a fact about your current dog breed.]

The goal of the game is to take good care of your new pet and in return, you will unlock memories, stories and collect new dog breeds.

Fruwee’s goal is to expand their breed library as much as possible which will include different breeds in the future.

Right now, you can adopt a Border Collie – Blue Merle and a Shiba-Inu. They are currently working on adding a Golden Retriever puppy - which should be extra cute! :)

Real Pets mobile game is a great spot to get to know dog breeds and at the same time, you get the pleasure and awareness of the responsibility that every dog owner has.


The Fruwee team describes themselves as a start-up company with big dreams of supporting animal welfare organizations and other similar non-profits.

If you own an Android phone, you can install the game on Google Play and use the promo code to redeem a free new dog breed Shiba-Inu valued at 11.99 Eur or 13,53$! 

For the iPhone users: stay patient, they are planning a launch soon on the App Store as well!

Our own words:

“Our small team is taking big steps towards independence to support non-profit organizations that are targeted towards helping animals. The more we grow the more opportunity we’ll have to make a difference. And making a difference is our goal.”


Contact and company information:


Company name: Fruwee


Google Play link:






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