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Introducing Real Pets:
Fruwee's Innovation Brings
Real-Life Dogs/Cats to Your Mobile Screen 🐾

Fruwee Releases 'Real Pets': The First-Ever Mobile Game Featuring Actual Real-Life Pets!


Fruwee, a micro-sized but forward-thinking game studio, unveils 'Real Pets', a unique mobile game that uses real-life pet footage to create a truly realistic interactive experience.

Harnessing modern video technology, Fruwee is the first developer that has managed to seamlessly incorporate real-life pet footage into a mobile game.

Every interaction, reaction, and movement you see in 'Real Pets' is authentic, raw footage - unaltered and unenhanced.


This approach avoids the unnatural aesthetic often associated with computer modifications, offering an incredibly genuine experience that mirrors the real world with unparalleled 100% fidelity. Rather than using usual 3D models, 'Real Pets' brings players a new, life-like gaming experience that feels real and immersive.


This process involved creating a new approach for pets to react to the player's touches and inputs in the game, proving a delightful challenge.

The initial pet line-up features an adorable border collie, Shiba Inu, and a British shorthair kitten, with a golden retriever puppy coming soon.


Behind the Scenes: Crafting 'Real Pets'


Fruwee's dedicated team documented their fun-filled journey and the loving care the pet stars received throughout the game's creation. They look forward to sharing these captivating behind-the-scenes moments with their audience in the future, offering a closer look into their unique process and dedication.


Lana Jurcic, the founder of Fruwee, passionately expressed, "With 'Real Pets', we aspire to build an immersive library of real-life pets. This enables players to not just play, but also experience and learn about the joys and responsibilities of pet ownership in an innovative interactive format. Features like real-life walks, toilet training, and speech recognition go beyond traditional pet simulation games, delivering a truly unique experience."


'Real Pets' encourages players to engage in activities with their virtual pets as in real life.

From feeding and washing to playful interactions and real-life walks, the game mirrors the responsibilities and joys of real-life pet ownership. This unique concept pushes beyond typical mobile gaming norms, fostering empathy and responsibility in an enchanting and engaging environment.


In-Game Features: A Snapshot


-Real-life pets come alive on your mobile device like never before

-Pets react to touch with real-life responses

-Customize your pet's home and garden

-Adopt new pets upon reaching level 20

-Real pets react to voice commands and can even respond to queries

-Encourages healthy habits through real-life simulations like walking and toilet training

-Participate in fun games and explore the magical forest

-Social features like sending items to friends and group walks for double coins

-Hidden gems, secrets to discover, and much more



The 'Real Pets' game has been welcomed warmly by users, with an impressive 4.8-star rating on the App Store and a 4.7-star rating on Google Play. The reviews left by players are heartwarming, praising 'Real Pets' for its innovative concept and engaging gameplay.

Bringing Brands into the Virtual Pet Realm


Fruwee, aimed to deliver more than just entertainment from the very beginning.

The idea was to create a meaningful connection with the world of 'Real Pets' and provide an immersive platform for brand integration.

'Real Pets' offers a distinctive marketing channel that connects pet industry businesses with their ideal audience.


With seamless native advertising integration, brands are able to engage users through in-game items and features, bringing real-world products into the virtual pet realm.


Lana Jurcic added, "We're excited about the potential of 'Real Pets' not just as an engaging experience for players, but also as a unique platform for collaboration and integration with brands in the pet industry. We're actively looking for exclusive partnerships to bring more real-world elements into the game and further enhance our player experience."

About Fruwee: The Studio Behind 'Real Pets'

Fruwee, a self-funded game development studio nestled in the heart of Europe, Slovenia, comprises just two dedicated members. Although small, the team has grand ambitions and is making waves in an industry often dominated by larger players.

This micro-sized studio focuses on innovation, aiming to create unique, first-of-its-kind gaming experiences. Backed by top-tier software development expertise, the team continues to broaden their business operation skills and navigate the industry's challenges with unwavering optimism and a relentless work ethic.

The challenges typically faced by self-funded studios do not deter Fruwee. Instead, they fuel the team's desire to actualize their vision.

Through the innovative game 'Real Pets', Fruwee is paving the way for small studios to leave a significant footprint in the mobile gaming world. Committed to continuous improvement and growth, the team makes every effort to excel in this competitive industry.

Join the Journey:

For further information, images, and content, or to chat about our big dreams, please feel free to contact us:

Company Name: Fruwee Email: 💌

Join the Real Pets journey today and experience the joy of virtual pet ownership with a real-life twist! 🐾🎮

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